Career Highlights:

Eric Lajoie is a OpenStack & NFV Architecture Consultant for HP Professional Services (PS) – Helion OpenStack, Germany. In his current capacity, Eric is responsible for end to end solution design, be it IPv6, EPC, or virtualization solutions. His key interests and achievements are in design and implementation of carrier grade Helion OpenStack solutions as well as integration with SDN, EPC, LTE, VoLTE, Femto, M2M, VMware, and all flavors of Linux including RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and Gentoo. He is responsible for solution, design, service implementation and assessments related to service providers environments.

Joined HP Enterprise in December 1st 2014

  • 10 Years of SP Industry Experience in Networks and Telecommunication Solutions.
  • Projects thus far:
    • Telefonica UNICA OpenStack and NFV Project including Nuage/DCN

Joined Cisco in September 2005 till end of November 2014

  • Projects while at Cisco:
    • vGi-LAN virtualization proof of concept in Germany
    • EPC field support and enablement in Japan
    • EPC solution design in France
    • IPv6 M2M design & implementation in UK
    • Team Lead for Cisco's first EPC Pilot Projects in Norway
    • IPv6 Assessment lead in Nigeria implemented IPv6 technologies
    • CSG2 with DPI and GGSN optimization and design in USA
    • Femto Design & Implementation in USA.
    • CSFB Integration with Mavenir IWF in Düsseldorf Germany

Industry Recognized Certifications:

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