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HP Helion OpenStack CE Virtual Setup

This Helion HOWTO walks though all the steps needed to get Helion OpenStack Community Edition 1.4 setup on one physical server.

3GPP EPC Node Selection

This DNS HOWTO assumes you have Googled the basic setup of your BIND service and master/slave deployment. We will only focus on the 3GPP aspect of the zone file and how you can use it with an ASR5000. The 3GPP specification 29.303 Annex A4.3(S10) Annex 4.11(S11 and S5), 23.003, RFC 2915, and RFC 3958(2.2.3) are the main references used in this HOWTO.


This HOWTO assumes you know Cisco IOS QOS and can implement your preferred enforcement on IP networks between EPS elements. Material in this HOWTO was gathered from 3GPP TS 23.401 section 4.7 and Cisco LTE CLI guide. For a general understanding let's take a look at DCSP marking values in the diagram below. Keep in mind that StarOS supports AF, BE, and EF markings.

3GPP EPC IPv6 Design

This HOWTO assumes you have IPv4 understanding and EPC design experience. First we need to understand how the IPv6 addresses are assigned and used in a general sense. Once we have a good idea of the mechanics we need to differentiate between transport/control plane and user plane and how 3GPP decided to do it with PGW.